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Academic Adventures


This summer, join academically motivated and curious students for an enrichment experience that is more than just a camp.

Discover a new interest!

Have you ever wanted to learn more about archeology, forensic science, or plein-air painting, but don't have time during the school year? Summer is the perfect time to explore your interests and develop new passions, and our courses offer something exciting for everyone. 

Dive deeper into your passions!

Academic Adventures is a hand-on and enriching program that is perfect for students looking to dive deeper into a specific interest through fun and meaningful projects.

Have fun!

Our courses are designed to be fun and engaging, but during each day Academic Adventure campers also have time to enjoy our swimming pools and adventure course, and to participate in our traditional day camp activities. For our overnight campers, the weekends also offer fun activities and day trips to local attractions.

2022 Dates & Information

2 two-week sessions for ages 10-14

Session 1: July 11 – July 22, 2022
Session 2: July 25 – August 5, 2022


2022 Academic Adventures Courses

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  • Archeology

    It’s your turn to explore–and possibly solve–the mysteries of the past! In this course, you’ll discover how archeologists learn about how people lived long ago by excavating and studying artifacts. Then you’ll become an archeologist yourself as you participate in an active dig on the campus of Fay School, which was established back in 1866. What stories do pottery shards and other scraps of human history have to tell? That’s up to you to find out!
  • Creative Writing

    Everyone has a story to tell! This creative writing course is a workshop-style class where you’ll have a chance to try your hand at a range of genres, from fantasy and historical fiction to mystery and sci-fi. Your teacher will be there to provide prompts to spark your imagination and feedback to help you edit your drafts. This class is a great fit for any budding writer, whether you’re about to write your first sentence or embarking on your next novel!
  • Sculpture/Printmaking Miniature Models

    If you’re intrigued by all things tiny, this is the art course for you. Many makers and artists love creating miniatures, whether it’s for high-end game pieces, figurines from a favorite movie, or building blocks for a miniature world. Our head model-maker will walk you through the process of creating and painting your own miniature model–or models–that you will be able to bring home with you at the end of the session.
  • Robotics

    We live in an exciting world where robots can do jobs that range from assembly lines to spacewalks. Now’s your chance to learn about robotics by building and programming your own! You’ll be working with LEGO Mindstorms to build your own robot–and then you’ll be challenged to program it to perform a series of tasks. Along the way, you’ll learn valuable programming skills as well as practice creative problem solving and collaboration.
  • Public Speaking

    Did you know that public speaking is among Americans’ greatest fears? Well, fear no more. Whether you dream of being a public figure–or just want to brush up your skills and prepare for your school’s debate team–this public speaking course will help you get ready to put your best foot forward in front of a crowd. You’ll learn important skills and strategies for making your voice heard–and then you’ll get to research, write, and present a speech about a topic that you care about.
  • Creators

    If you dream it, you can make it! Your home base for this course will be Fay School’s Innovation Lab, where students in our signature Creativity and Design program have access to high-tech tools like CAD software, laser cutters, and 3D printers. You’ll tap into your creativity and problem solving skills as you generate ideas for a new project, use our CAD programs to design solutions, and then make your ideas reality with our hands-on tools.
  • CSI Southborough

    Ready to try your hand at solving a crime? Students in our hands-on, CSI-inspired class will be challenged to solve a crime and find a culprit. While the crime is imaginary, the tools are not! As forensic scientists, you’ll be practicing key skills of observation, data collection, and interpretation, all while using microscopes and other scientific tools in one of our lab spaces.
  • Poetry

    Ever heard of a villanelle? Explore your creative ideas and expand your expressive skills in this poetry class. Your teacher will introduce you to a variety of different forms of poetry, from the haiku to the sonnet. You’ll read some great examples by poets from around the world, and then  you’ll have the opportunity to try your hand at your own poetry. Our beautiful 66-acre campus in rural Massachusetts will be one of the many sources of inspiration for your creative masterpieces!
  • Plein-Air Painting

    Summer is the perfect season to dive into the world of painting. Using our gorgeous 66-acre campus for inspiration, you’ll work on small-scale and larger projects that spark your creativity and develop your observational and painting skills. You’ll experiment with a range of media, including watercolors, acrylics, and oils, as you practice capturing the moment in the great outdoors. 
  • Rocketry

    What does it take to propel an object into the sky? And how can you make it escape Earth’s orbit? In this immersive course, it’s your turn to take on these questions that have challenged scientists for centuries. You’ll take the best of what people have learned about the science of rocketry, and then you’ll build your own rockets, taking notes, testing, and improving as you go. 
  • Debate

    Debate is more than just arguing! The key components of debating–research, preparation, persuasive speaking, and rebuttal–are lifetime skills that will always come in handy. In this course, your teacher will lead you through the process of preparing and practicing for a debate, and you’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills along the way. This course is a great option for students preparing for their middle or high school debate teams–or anyone who likes to make sure their voice is heard!


Session 1 - July 11-22
Session 2 - July 25 - Aug. 5
Block 1
CSI Southborough
Creative Writing
Miniature Models 
Plein-Air Painting
Block 2
Public Speaking
Campers enrolled in Academic Adventures choose one course from each block. After registering, you will be sent a link to select your courses. All courses must have a minimum enrollment to run. If a course has low enrollment, campers will be able to transfer to another course.

Program Details


Students enroll in workshops that meet each weekday morning during the two-week session. These 60-80 minute courses are hands-on learning labs, where students are actively involved in fun projects that lead to a deeper understanding of the subject area and conjure excitement about new ideas.


Students spend the other half of their day in electives of their choice: building a robot, swimming in our heated outdoor pools, challenging themselves on our ropes courses, creating a business, solving a crime...the choice is theirs and changes every day! Academic Adventures is an opportunity for adolescents to make lasting friendships, build independence, and participate in learning that is hands-on, meaningful—and fun.

Location & Facilities

Academic Adventures takes place on Fay School’s 66-acre campus in Southborough, Massachusetts, 25 miles from Boston. Students have access to all of the school’s state-of-the-art facilities, including two heated swimming pools, athletic fields, tennis courts, gyms, indoor rock climbing wall, outdoor adventure course, theater, visual arts center, and Innovation Lab. 

Our Team

Our team is composed of Fay School’s faculty and staff, teachers from the local community, professionals in their fields, and college students who have experience working with children. 
"I loved my Academic Adventures classes and made a lot of new friends. I loved meeting kids from around the world, and I can’t wait to see everyone next summer!" - Academic Adventures student 

Who May Register?

Academic Adventures welcomes rising 6th grade through rising 9th grade students ages 10-14. Students must be prepared for a lively academic program filled with projects and discussions. 

If you are registering for Academic Adventures and you are not a native English speaker, you must submit a graded essay from your school as part of your registration so that we can assess your level of English proficiency. Please email the camper’s graded essay to Once the essay has been received, we will review the camper’s registration and notify you of our admission decision within two weeks.

Meet our Academic Adventures Coordinator

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  • Dan Blanchard

    This will be Dan’s fourteenth year at FaySummer! He has his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Providence College and has been a member of the Fay School faculty since 2006. In addition to teaching at Fay during the school year, he serves as the Safety Marshall, a dorm parent, and a coach for soccer and track. During previous summers, Dan has led the FaySummer outdoor adventure program, and he is excited about his new role as Academic Adventures Coordinator.

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