FaySummer Specialty Camps

Campers ages 6-15 who want to pursue a hobby or interest in more depth can choose our weeklong Specialty Camps, which offer a half-day focus on one topic coupled with a half-day of traditional camp activities, including daily swim lessons. We have partnered with outside organizations and our expert Fay faculty to offer a wide range of focused instruction in athletics, arts, and enrichment.
Please note that Specialty Camps must have a minimum enrollment to run. If a program has low enrollment, campers will be able to transfer to another Specialty Camp or to Day Camp.
Ages 6-15

Eight one-week sessions
June 26 - August 18, 2017

Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Extended Care Available
7:30 - 9:00 a.m.
4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Specialty Workshops, Summer 2017

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  • Robotics

    Imagine building your own working robot! At FaySummer’s Robotics Camp, campers explore science and develop creative problem solving skills as they learn how to program robots that use a variety of sensors to respond to their environment and solve simple tasks using the NXT-G programming language and the LEGO® MindstormsTM NXT platform. By the end of the week, campers will create their own robot and program it to drive and interact independently with its environment.
    Instructor: Eric Lane, Fay science faculty
    Dates: July 31-August 4 and August 7-11
    Ages: Navigators & Pathfinders
    Maximum 16 spots available each week.
  • Scratch Jr. Programming

    in partnership with Einstein’s Workshop
    Learn the basic concepts of programming by snapping software blocks together using Scratch. Build mazes for friends to navigate, obstacles for your game's hero to avoid, and animate the winner's celebration. It's up to you! Design your own game and use Scratch to turn it into a virtual, interactive world you control. No prior experience with programming required.
    Instructor: Einstein’s Workshop Staff with supervision by FaySummer staff
    Dates: July 24-28
    Ages: Explorers & Trailblazers
  • Jr. Robotics & Programming w/ LEGO WeDo 2.0

    in partnership with Einstein’s Workshop
    Students will use a line of robotics from LEGO Education called WeDo 2.0, which offers new motors and sensors as well as new robot designs and programming challenges. Robots can be controlled wirelessly on tablets or a computer, giving campers more freedom to explore, create, and learn! No prior experience with robotics necessary.
    Instructor: Einstein’s workshop Staff with supervision by FaySummer staff
    Dates: June 26-30
    Ages: Explorers & Trailblazers
  • Gameblox Game Design

    in partnership with Einstein’s Workshop
    Build on your Scratch or other blocks-based programming know-how with Gameblox. Created by MIT, Gameblox uses a similar format as Scratch, but focuses on commands more related to game design. Once students create games, they can share them on the web.
    Instructor: Einstein’s workshop Staff with supervision by FaySummer staff
    Dates: August 14-18
    Ages: Trailblazers & Navigators
  • Arduino Circuit Building and Programming

    What will you create? Students use SparkFun Inventor Kits to build 15 basic circuits and control them with an Arduino microcontroller. From simple flashing LEDs to controlling servo motors, students use solderless breadboards and a variety of electronic components as they create their own inventions and learn how to modify existing computer code to get their circuits to perform in their own unique way.
    Instructor: Eric Lane, Fay science faculty
    Dates: June 26-30
    Ages: Navigators & Pathfinders
  • Summer on the Farm

    in partnership with Community Harvest Project 
    Sow seeds of community and reap the rewarding harvest this summer! Campers spend their mornings at Community Harvest Project, a farm in North Grafton dedicated to improving access to healthy foods for people in need. Campers participate in hands-on activities integral to furthering the farm’s mission, such as harvesting and washing fresh fruits and vegetables for donation. Campers explore why access to healthy food is so important, and related activities include preparing tasty snacks, designing delicious and balanced meals, and unlocking the surprising value of vegetables. Get your hands dirty while you make a difference in your community!
    Instructor: Community Harvest Project Staff, with supervision by FaySummer staff
    Dates: July 10-14 (Trailblazers & Navigators) and July 17-21 (Pathfinders)
  • Chess

    Fay welcomes U.S. Chess Life Master Lou Mercuri for this camp, where students learn the basic moves of chess and beyond—including checkmating patterns, opening strategies, tactics, famous games from the great players, and visualizing at least a couple of moves ahead. Players have the opportunity to play each other in a supervised setting with helpful tips and advice on how to improve, and they also work in small teams to take on problem-solving challenges together.
    Instructor: Lou Mercuri, U.S. Chess Life Master and Fay After School club teacher
    Dates: July 10-14
    Ages: Trailblazers, Navigators & Pathfinders
    Please note this is an afternoon Specialty Camp.
  • Young Innovators

    The Young Innovators Program empowers campers to create, innovate, and develop their entrepreneurial skills. Campers uncover their passion, build prototypes, and pitch solutions that bring meaningful change to the world through design methods and hands-on experience building new business offerings. Developed with world-class entrepreneurs and educators, Young Innovators is a transformative way to develop leadership and critical thinking skills. Campers are mentored throughout the process and are exposed to thought leaders through our global network of entrepreneurs.
    Instructor: Future Design School Certified Educators, supervised by FaySummer staff
    Dates: July 31 – August 11 *two-week program
    Ages: Navigators & Pathfinders
  • Outdoor Adventures Leadership Camp

    Fine-tune your leadership skills while learning about camping and hiking safety. In this camp, campers learn key outdoor skills, such as packing for an overnight outdoor trip, map reading, land conservation, plant & animal identification, first aid, and wilderness cooking. Each day will include training hikes on local trails, preparing for a Thursday hike at Mt. Monadnock, and a camp overnight on Fay School campus. Tents and packs will be provided for the week. Campers must provide their own hiking boots/shoes, appropriate hiking clothes, wide-brimmed hat, rain gear, sleeping bag, bug repellent, and a water carrier (bottle or camelback).
    Instructors: Jeff Farrell & Michelle Steinberg, Fay Athletic Department Staff
    Dates: July 31-August 4
    Ages: Navigators & Pathfinders
    Camp overnight on Fay campus scheduled for August 3.
  • Shakesperience / Page to Stage

    Have you ever wanted to “exeunt, pursued by a bear”?  Or, perhaps, have you wanted to compare a loved one to a summer’s day? Maybe you’ve wanted to challenge your enemy to a duel? FaySummer offers adventures in Shakespeare and classical works for students of all ages! Campers will experience and understand the power of the written word in this two-week drama program with a special focus on the text of Shakespeare! Campers will develop their actor identities by exploring body, space, voice, and text. Participants will cover a range of material as they work as an ensemble to select scenes, songs, and sonnets to create a showcase for friends and family.
    Instructor: Kathryn Maslak, Fay Drama and English faculty
    Dates: June 26- July 7 *two-week program
    Ages: Navigators & Pathfinders
    Camp is closed July 4, and the cost has been prorated.
  • Play Makers

    Have you ever wondered how plays are made? Who writes this stuff anyway? In this two-week program, campers will write and produce an original work with an ensemble of peers. This intensive will focus on the playwriting process in conjunction with acting and improvisational techniques, culminating in a first-draft performance of an original work. Campers will be responsible for all aspects of putting on a play, including the stage crew, scenery, costumes, and publicity. This all-encompassing experience will provide a rich framework for students interested in diving deeper into their theatre practices or for those who are looking for a new and exciting challenge.
    Instructor: Kathryn Maslak, Fay Drama and English Faculty
    Dates: July 24 - August 4 *two-week program
    Ages: Trailblazers, Navigators & Pathfinders 
  • Circus Arts

    The circus is coming back to Fay for only one week in 2017! Jed the Jester brings over 20 years of performing and teaching to Fay’s unique Circus Arts Camp. In this weeklong session, campers will learn the secrets and skills of circus arts performers, including juggling, balance, stilt walking, balloon animals, and intro magic. This year's camp is designed for newcomers through advanced returners, with daily showcase performances. At the end of the week, we’ll welcome you to our Big Top with our own circus arts performance!
    Instructor: Jed Stefanowicz, third grade teacher and Circus Arts Professional
    Dates: July 24-July 28
    Ages: Trailblazers, Navigators & Pathfinders
  • Broadway Bootcamp

    Join us at FaySummer as campers learn the ins and outs of musical theatre performance! Campers will sing, act, and dance their way through classical and contemporary musical theatre scenes and songs. This intensive is geared towards both new and seasoned musical theatre enthusiasts. Campers will not only work on musical theatre pieces but will also create a set, costumes, and props for a final showcase!
    Instructor: Kathryn Maslak, Fay Drama and English faculty
    Dates: July 10- July 21 *two-week program
    Ages: Explorers, Trailblazers, Navigators & Pathfinders
  • FaySummer Singers - Chorus Camp

    in partnership with Kodály Music Institute
    Come sing with FaySummer Singers, a two-week singing program for campers ages 7-13 who enjoy music. This unique camp provides daily chorus and musicianship classes for young performers followed each afternoon by classic camp offerings including regular swimming instruction. FaySummer Singers provides in-depth musical experiences for young musicians in partnership with the nationally accredited music teacher-training course, Kodály Music Institute. This joyful program culminates with a gala concert on Friday afternoon, July 21 at 5:00 p.m.
    Instructors: Philip Montgomery, Chair of Fay’s Arts Department, along with master educators who hold Kodály certification
    Dates: July 10-21 *two-week program
    Ages: Trailblazers, Navigators, & Pathfinders

  • Art Exploration

    If you love art, you’ll love everything about this camp! Campers learn and experiment in a variety of art techniques and mediums, including painting, illustration, three-dimensional art, and keepsake crafts. Our expert staff will tailor instruction to all levels of talent and skill. Art Exploration is designed to help campers interested in art grow and gain confidence with their creativity.
    Instructor: Hadley Horner, elementary school art teacher, with supervision from FaySummer staff
    Dates: July 17-21 & August 7-11
    Ages: Explorers & Trailblazers
  • Boys & Girls All Sports Camp

    Fun and fundamentals is what FaySummer All Sports is about! Our All Sports camp creates a positive sports environment and introduces a new sport each day. Sports may include, but are not limited to, tennis, soccer, flag football, badminton, volleyball, and basketball. Our week concludes with the All Sports Olympics, where everyone earns gold by showing their best effort and having fun.
    Instructor: FaySummer Coaches and Staff
    Dates: July 3-7* (Explorers & Trailblazers) and July 24-28 (Navigators)
    *Camp is closed July 4, and this week has been prorated to $440.
  • Learn to Sail

    in partnership with Regatta Point Community Sailing
    Join us on the water! Campers learn the basics of sailing, including boat parts, rigging/derigging, wind direction, points of sail, and water safety. Each camp day will also include swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding. This program is designed to help campers develop boating and collaborative skills while becoming comfortable on and around the water.
    Instructor: Regatta Point Community Sailing Staff with supervision by FaySummer staff
    Dates: June 26-30, July 17-21 & August 7-11
    Ages: Navigators & Pathfinders
    Camp is limited to 12 campers per session. Round-trip transportation to Regatta Point Community Sailing on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester is provided in Fay School SAV’s driven by certified staff.
  • Basketball

    in partnership with Fay Athletics
    The Fay Athletics faculty is excited to offer a fun and rigorous basketball program for girls and boys. Program will focus on improving the fundamental skills of dribbling, passing, shooting as well as individual and team offensive and defensive strategies. All instruction is hands-on, and coaches work with small groups based on age and skill level. Each session guides players from individual skill training to team play, culminating with 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 games and scrimmages.
    Instructors: John Beloff and Dan Roy, Fay faculty and Fay basketball coaches
    Dates: July 10-14
    Ages: Trailblazers, Navigators & Pathfinders
  • Horseback Riding

    in partnership with Century Mill Stables 
    Fay Horseback Riding Camp at Century Mill Stables is a fun and interactive way to learn the basics of horsemanship and riding or to continue to develop a rider’s skills. Each day, campers learn the basics of good horse care through grooming, general knowledge of equipment, parts of the horse, and colors and breeds. The riding portion of the lesson includes steering and control while riding at the walk and trot, correct rider body position, and some horseback games. Century Mill’s program is fully licensed with experienced instructors; the stable has an indoor ring and heated/air conditioned lounge area, so classes run in all weather. Their barn follows the best practices of the industry for safety and horse care and has an excellent safety record, with healthy, well-rested, happy horses and ponies for the campers to enjoy.
    Instructor: Century Mill Stables, with supervision by FaySummer staff
    Dates: June 26-30, August 7-11 and August 14-18
    Ages: Trailblazers, Navigators & Pathfinders 

  • Girls Lacrosse

    in partnership with Bay State Bullets
    FaySummer has partnered with Bay State Bullets Lacrosse to provide girls age 8-15 with a fundamental all-skills camp. Campers work with some of the area’s most respected girls lacrosse coaches to develop individual skill as well as a strong understanding of game concepts, offensive and defensive principles, and team play. All instruction is hands-on, in small group settings based on age and skill level. Beginners are welcome.
    Instructor: Bay State Bulletts Staff, with supervision by FaySummer Staff
    Dates: August 7-11
    Ages: Trailblazers, Navigators & Pathfinders

  • Boys & Girls Soccer

    in partnership with Abbey Villa Soccer Club
    FaySummer has partnered with Abbey Villa Soccer Club to offer a half-day of soccer instruction with a half-day of traditional camp activities. Soccer Camp is a great fit whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player: our program is designed to help players of all skill levels improve in the fundamentals of the game and enhance technical and tactical soccer skills. Campers are divided into groups by age and ability.
    Instructor: Abbey Villa Soccer Club, with supervision by FaySummer staff
    July 10-14 - Explorers, Trailblazers, & Navigators
    July 24-28 - Explorers & Trailblazers
    August 14-18 - Explorers, Trailblazers, & Navigators

  • Boys & Girls Tennis

    in partnership with Waterfall Tennis Academy
    FaySummer is partnering with the Waterfall Tennis Academy, directed by Dick Waterfall, to direct our summer tennis programs. Each daily three-hour program will focus on stroke fundamentals, match play, fast-paced drills, and exciting games.
    Instructor: Waterfall Tennis Academy, with supervision by FaySummer staff
    Dates: July 10-14 and July 31-August 4
    Ages: Explorers, Trailblazers, & Navigators

"My son is still talking about the robotics workshop. He loved every part of it, from building the robot to programming it to go through the obstacle course."
- FaySummer parent


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