English Immersion - Program Overview

The Program
English Immersion is open to all international students ages 10-15 regardless of their level of English proficiency. It’s the perfect summer program for international students who are serious about developing their English skills, and it all takes place in a friendly, welcoming environment that provides the appropriate level of challenge and support.
At the beginning of the session, teachers assess each student’s skill level and place him or her into one of three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each morning, students participate in courses designed to improve their English writing, reading, and speaking skills. In addition to daily coursework, students are expected to complete approximately one hour of homework each night. During the afternoons and evenings, students put their English language skills to work while participating in activities with American students who are enrolled in other summer programs.
All English Immersion students may choose to take the TOEFL, Jr. at the end of the session.

Location & Facilities
English Immersion takes place on Fay School’s 66-acre campus in Southborough, Massachusetts, 25 miles from Boston and 190 miles from New York City. Students have access to all of the school’s state-of-the-art facilities, including two pools, athletic fields, tennis courts, gyms, indoor rock climbing wall, outdoor adventure course, theater, visual arts center, and Innovation Lab for our “makers.”
Who May Register?
English Immersion welcomes international students who are ages 10-15.
Please note that all students who are non-U.S. citizens or who have an international address must register as an International Camper. Upon arrival at Fay, students will be assessed for English proficiency and will then be assigned to English Immersion or other programs as requested, only if written and spoken English skills are deemed sufficient.
Meet Our Director!
Emily Gifford is English Immersion’s Academic Director. Emily came to Fay in 2010; she earned her bachelor’s degree from Tufts University and her master’s in education from Boston College. During her time at Fay, she has taught Latin, ancient history, Chinese, English as a Second Language, and algebra. In addition, she has served as the seventh grade dean, a coach, and a dorm parent, and she has organized and planned student trips to Italy, Greece, Spain, France, China, and Canada. Emily lives on campus and works closely with the FaySummer leadership team to ensure the quality of every student’s experience.
2017 Dates
One five-week session
July 16 – August 18
Please note: Any student who is a non-U.S. citizen or who has an international address must register as an International Camper. Upon arrival at Fay, these students will be assessed for English proficiency and may then be assigned to Overnight Camp if written and spoken English skills are sufficient.

Academic Program

Each morning, English Immersion students take academic classes designed to improve their English writing, reading, and speaking skills. The program is engaging and innovative, and classes offer a range of activities and experiences designed to match each student’s skill level and prior language experiences.
Upon entering the English Immersion Program, teachers assess each student’s skill level and place him or her into one of three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. At each level, students focus on improving fluency and developing the necessary skills to become a successful language learner. In addition to daily coursework, students are expected to complete approximately one hour of homework each night.
Throughout the summer, teachers continually assess student progress and send home regular program updates. Teachers also provide an end-of-summer written report on student progress, along with a summary from the student’s advisor.

Course Descriptions

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  • Advanced Level

    Students in the Advanced program should have a strong understanding of the English language. In these courses, students reinforce grammatical concepts, develop strong reading comprehension skills, and improve speaking and writing skills. They also develop analytical skills as they read longer and more challenging literature selections, participate in class discussions, and respond in their journals. Students begin to focus on the five-paragraph essay, developing controlling ideas and incorporating varied sentence choices. Finally, students immerse themselves in a class where they research the culture of the United States of America, including its customs, etiquette, and history.

    - Advanced Grammar and Writing
    - Analyzing Literature
    - Exploring Culture in the United States
  • Beginner Level

    The Beginner program is designed for students who have basic or emerging English skills. During classes, students work on reading comprehension, phonemic and phonological awareness, basic grammatical concepts, and basic writing skills. Students read non-fiction, short stories, and short novels. They learn vocabulary and grammatical concepts targeted to their individual levels while acquiring the skills needed to sound out and build words independently. They begin writing simple sentences and work toward forming paragraphs.

    - Introduction to Reading Comprehension
    - Introduction to Writing
    - Phonics and Grammar
  • Intermediate Level

    The Intermediate program is for students with intermediate English abilities. These courses focus on understanding syntax, organizing writing, intermediate grammatical structure, understanding idioms, and vocabulary building. Students read novels, keep daily journals, study grammatical terms, explore literary devices and elements while analyzing and writing about literature, and develop speaking and listening skills. Through daily practice and teacher feedback, students become more confident writers and speakers of English.

    - Exploration of Literature
    - Grammatical Concepts and Idioms
    - Intermediate Writing

Daily Schedule

8:15     Breakfast
8:45     Class Time
10:15   Snack
10:30   Class Time
12:00   Lunch
1:00     Elective 1
2:30     Elective 2
4:00     Dorm & swim time
5:15     Dinner
6:00     Evening activities
8:00     Dorm time/
            Tech time/shower
9:00     Lights out!
"When our son came back from English Immersion, he had so much to tell us about his life at Fay, from classroom discussions, to sports in the afternoons, to fun activities on the weekends, to new friends from around the world."  -parent of English Immersion student

English Immersion FAQ

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  • Housing

    English Immersion students stay in double or triple rooms in an intimate, home-style setting with a common room and shared bathrooms. Teachers and counselors live in the dorms with the students, providing 24-hour supervision and care. 

    The English Immersion Program is a language immersion program. It is important that students have every opportunity to speak English to practice their skills. Therefore, we strive to match each student with a roommate who speaks a different language so that all are encouraged to speak English.
  • Meals

    Fostering good nutrition is a key component of our program. Students eat meals together in Fay’s dining room; our kitchen staff prepares meals from scratch with high quality ingredients, and there is a major emphasis on local sourcing and environmental sustainability. 
    Please note: Fay’s Dining Room is a ‘peanut free’ facility. Please contact us directly if your child has severe food allergies.
  • Visa Information

    Students attending the English Immersion Program are able to enter the United States on a B-2 visitor visa. Fay School will not issue an I-20 to a summer student unless he or she is matriculating into the academic school year. In that case, I-20 paperwork will be issued through the Office of Admission.
    A visitor visa (B-2) is sufficient to participate in our program because, according to the U.S. government, a person is allowed to enroll in a recreational enrichment course of 18 hours or less. English Immersion students participate in no more than 15 hours of language classes each week, and no academic credit is given for their course work.
    Once the deposit is received, we will provide a letter of invitation for the student and his or her parent or guardian. Please contact Chris Ridolfi for more details at cridolfi@fayschool.org or 508-490-8247. Click here for information about the United States' visa waiver program.
    In the unfortunate event that your child is denied a visa and unable to enter the United States, you will receive a full refund for any tuition/expenses paid.
  • Transportation to and from English Immersion

    We can arrange transportation to and from Fay School from Boston–Logan Airport and New York–JFK Aiport. It is recommended that you travel to Boston-Logan. All airport travel fees will be paid using the student’s incidental account. Click here for a list of fee-based concierge services, including transportation.
  • Health Services, Health Forms, and Immunizations

    Fay School’s health staff are on campus each day to provide routine and emergency care. All lead staff and camp administrators are CPR and First Aid certified. Please contact the camp office if your child will be taking medication at camp. 

    All students participating in English Immersion must be examined by a licensed physician within the 13 months leading up to the start of the program. 

    Consistent with U.S. Department of Public Health requirements, all students must be fully immunized prior to attending the English Immersion Program. It is the responsibility of the family to submit proof of all immunizations (in English), with all documents signed by a licensed physician, before the student arrives. Without this proof, your child cannot attend the program. 

    If you are having difficulty obtaining certain immunizations prior to the start of the program, we can send you a link to a local clinic that may be able to assist. All students must have proof of all the required immunizations before arriving on campus. Please contact the Fay Health Office for more information at 508.490.8228.
  • Family Visits and Communication

    If parents wish to take students off campus, they must make the appropriate arrangements with the School. It is important that students become fully integrated into our programs, develop relationships with their peers and dorm parents, and also immerse themselves fully in an English speaking program; we ask that families respect our visitation policy. We ask all students to participate in all our activities; however, we allow for visits on the following occasions:
    Weekdays: Monday through Thursday between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. Please call or email to arrange visits with the Director.
    Weekends: Students enjoy participating in our weekend activities, so please call or email the Director in advance to arrange visits and to confirm the best times when your child will be on campus from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening.
  • Registration and Fees

    Fees include tuition, housing, meals, weekend activities, and 24-hour supervision. International student fees also include health insurance for the duration of the program.

    Cost per session: $8,500
    Deposit: $2,500
    Incidental Account: $800

    Each overnight camper is required to maintain an incidental account (IA) to cover the cost of miscellaneous expenses that he or she may incur during the course of the summer. Such expenses may include the cost of special student activities, travel expenses, and personal allowances. At the end of the summer, the camper’s family will receive a statement of expenses incurred, and the remaining balance will be refunded. The student’s IA must be funded at the time of registration.


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